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How to build a Malcolm Newell Moto Guzzi V50 FF with

Bob Tait Hub Centre Steering in just 2 weeks by Monty, 1986

ATTENTION :- Bob Tait Hub Centre Steering owners see pictures at bottom of page


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Rebuilt by Royce as a Mini-Voyager, photos taken before the lights etc were finished off ready for MoT, now complete and in the possession of Jon Hall —————->>>>>>

First get a heap of bits ,scratch head and wonder how it works, where’s the Haynes manual for this thing, PANIC, what have I done ?


Start joining the dots, use lots of sellotape, string and sticky back plastic and it starts to look more sensible and maybe achievable.


Note how steering head is within the petrol tank.

Long and straight induction tracts between air filters and carbs improve on Guzzi’s design to improve torque.

Guzzi V50 and Honda VT500, with the dreaded Blezard at the helm, at V Twin Rally in Shaftesbury only 2 weeks after kit of bits was purchased.

Guzzi V50 plus Gold Wing both with Hub Centre Steering and just includes some motorised bicycles,

Ducati 900 SS and Guzzi Spada

Guzzi V50 and Twin Head LC350 outside Calne pub

Honda VT500 + Guzzi V50 + Yamaha LC350 outside Malcolm’s workshop

Strip down of Bob Tait Hub Centre Steering

Note offset pivot pin which keeps rake down to achieve a given trail

compared with Difazio Hub Centre Steering


Bob Tait Hub Centre Steering owners


Please note the hole shown arrowed left and below gives access to the bearings and should be used to inject grease to lubricate the bearings and seals regularly

Monty’s original rebuild in 1986

Royce Creasey says :-


For all 'large diameter wheel bearing' HCS double-wishbone systems - Difazio, Tait, Voyager, I recommend Rocol Sapphire Aqua 2, waterproof, synthetic grease. Doesn't 'soap up' on contact with any water vapour, well inside it's performance range, works well.


Tyre replacement should be routine, break the beads, in a vice (pieces of wood etc.), drop it over a metal waste bucket and treat it like an ordinary wheel, except for this damm axle flopping about. I've never given balancing a thought on any of these HCS-type units. Lubricate tyre with washing-up liquid, use levers and a good quality 'stirrup' bicycle pump. Easy.



Feb 2012

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The Carver :- Jeremy Clarkson says

“This is the most fun you can have”,

As an owner I can’t disagree with that


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