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Top Gear TV program filming day 1988

Probably the biggest gathering of FF machines ever ?


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My hub centre steered Moto Guzzi V50 and Honda VT 500 plus CX500 Banana, Quasar, Voyager, VF750 Quasar and LC350 Twin Head

One of the reasons dustbin fairing were banned. The Norton kneeler with not enough tail fin to stabilise the bike under cross wind conditions.

Wilkinson in line 4 behind

Avro Monocar built by A.V. Roe (aircraft designer and builder, remember the Avro Lancaster ?) with single sided swinging arms front and rear and Hub Centre Steering

Ner-a-car with Hub Centre Steering

Peter Lawrence’s Diablo

Talbot (Hillman Imp) engined with Guzzi Gearbox and Difazio Hub Centre Steering during construction

FFelocette with Difazio Hub Centre Steering

Voyager prototype, Reliant engine, Guzzi Gearbox, Difazio Hub Centre Steering

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Full of Carvers, Feet Forward Motorcycles and Cabin Motorcycles

The Carver :- Jeremy Clarkson says

“This is the most fun you can have”,

As an owner I can’t disagree with that


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Most images have links to a full size detailed JPEG file photographs if you click on the image.

“Little Old Ladies House” from The Grand Tour

“Little Old Ladies House” from The Grand Tour