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The quiet before the storm

Arthur Middleton’s Kawasaki GPz 500 home made FF

Comfort Max  compared to standard T Max

Ian Pegram’s Geneis based on Suzuki Burgman 650

Featuring 4 point seat belt

Monty goes off to empty the petrol tank.

Bobbe Wreford’s Bananaskin Honda VT600,

using the fairing from the original Banana

Julian Bond’s Suzuki Burgman 400 K3 with Volvo car seat

Some of the assorted other non FF machines

Harley Fat Boy and a Yamaha “where’s mee step ladder gone” contrast the range of seat heights available to consumers

Steve Scruton’s Cresswell Rapide recumbent, Monty takes a crash course

And as the sun slowly sets in the west the last few remaining hard core riders pack up and leave.

Bye for now.

See you next year ?????

If your name is down wrong on any of the photos or I have you down as “unknown”, then please let me know who you are.

Monty’s Web Page, aka Peter Billington,

Full of Carvers, Feet Forward Motorcycles and Cabin Motorcycles

The Carver :- Jeremy Clarkson says

“This is the most fun you can have”,

As an owner I can’t disagree with that


For Carver and FF YouTube videos go to


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