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Eddie Mc Donald’s, how I built a Malcolm Newell

Guzzi V50 FF with Bob Tait Hub Centre Steering


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Eddie’s was bought as a roofed mini Quasar, in yellow, photo shows modifications envisaged at the time


With special thanks to his wife for all the years she never saw him while he slaved over a hot soldering iron and hack saw in the garage !


Full text info on the handling etc of this machine on the next page.


As bought, with roof removed

Body work off to show frame, notice totally different front end from Monty’s V50, this uses dual shocks and steering head is not in the petrol tank, petrol tank goes above rear wheel.

As first rebuilt by Eddie, no rear fairing. Pictured with VT 500 outside Monty’s house at an FF gathering.

Second rebuild, now with rear body work and pillion seat.


On holiday in the Isle of Man

Trial use of full rear body work, not pursued

Monty’s Web Page, aka Peter Billington,

Full of Carvers, Feet Forward Motorcycles and Cabin Motorcycles

The Carver :- Jeremy Clarkson says

“This is the most fun you can have”,

As an owner I can’t disagree with that


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