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Ecomobiles, John Ewan, A.V. Roe, Neracar, Coda’s,

FFeleocette and Pete Lawrence.


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John Ewans design exercise Kawasaki GPZ 1100 with Difazio Hub Centre Steering

Ecomobile’s with stretched BMW K100 chassis.

Early pioneers, A.V. Roe’s (AVRO planes) with Hub Centre Steering and single sided front and rear suspension.


Plus the Neracar with Hub Centre Steering

John Bruce’s Coda’s, BSA 500 above and Honda 250 / 400 models to the right

Graham Fryer’s original FFelocette, using Velocette 500 and Difazio Hub Centre Steering and Honda VFR 750 with Difazio Hub Centre Steering.

Peter Lawrence’s Diablo, Talbot (similar to Hillman Imp) engine, Guzzi gearbox and drive train, Difazio Hub Centre Steering

Monty’s Web Page, aka Peter Billington,

Full of Carvers, Feet Forward Motorcycles and Cabin Motorcycles

The Carver :- Jeremy Clarkson says

“This is the most fun you can have”,

As an owner I can’t disagree with that


For Carver and FF YouTube videos go to


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