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Visiting from your future, the truly amazing Carver One

You can’t have more fun on the road than in a CARVER


Isle of Man TT 2009, “Mad Sunday” is when the mountain race circuit is one way and all the lunatics go for a thrash.  On my 2pm run I only got overtaken by 3 motorbikes and on my 3 pm run only 2 got past. What FUN.


Turbo charged, intercooled, 16 valve engine = FUN

45 degrees of lean round the bends = 1 g lateral acceleration = FUN

Wide rear tyres that stay flat on the ground, all wheel steering = bike blitzing FUN


Carver Service kits, Carver Spares and Repairs, Carver club page


Jeremy Clarkson Shoot Out 2003 DVD winner. Final quote “This is the most fun you can have”, You Tube link


Jeremy Clarkson TV 13th July 2003 :- You Tube link


“I have to say absolute hand on heart I’ve never had so much fun in a car really and truthfully”

“And I don’t think I’d ever get tired of it!”.

This is from a man who claims to hate motorbikes


It's hard to put in words, really... Formula car 1 driver Jenson Button's smile when he put the

Carver One to the test pretty much says it all, and if not, his final verdict does:-

"... absolute madness… fantastic!"

See Jensen Button’s ear to ear grin in the You Tube video by clicking here.


Cabin motorcycles for 365 days a year motorbiking, and even more

fun than motorbiking (I really never thought I would say that)


The Carver provides a maximum tilting angle of 45°

and a maximum tilting speed of 82° per second.

This tilting speed figure is an important characteristic,

as it describes the promptness of cornering, especially in a

chicane or lane change situation. As a reference:

on a conventional motorcycle, tilting speeds of this magnitude

can only be achieved safely by highly experienced racing

motorcycle riders. Anyone else would “high side” their bike


Carver YouTube Videos :-

Carving up the A686 from Penrith to Alston


Grinnall follows a Carver


Beaulieu 2008 includes on board Carver footage


Bill Nathan of Carver UK demonstrates how to pilot a Carver


Carver car park fun during Yorkshire play day


Carver’s original promotion video shot in Monaco


Carver’s original promotion video :- Cornering genius


Carver’s original promotion video :- 3 Carvers in the mountains


Compilation of Carver’s original promotion videos


Carver’s original promotion video :- Lane change


Carver’s original promotion video :- Jensen Button                             


Phiaro body on Carver chassis                                                                                                                                                                                            Carver’s original promotion video : - Tilting quad bike on slope


You Tube - Quasar Rally Hastings 2007 including Carver                  Carver’s original promotion video :- Tilting quad bike drifting


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^ When Goldie were just a wee baby in the factory




<< Photos of Goldie courtesy of Nick the bat man from Northallerton

Bet you can’t do this on your motorbike on tarmac never mind on gravel!

<< Monty’s Open Day 2007


3 sleepy Carvers after a hard day playing in a field.

For those of you in the

Americas then Persu have these mock ups based on Carver patents >>>>>>>>

Hoping to go into production in 2014.

And if this isn’t enough then see the 400 bhp Hyabusa engined Carver at Z-Cars in Hull

Monty’s Web Page, aka Peter Billington,

Full of Carvers, Feet Forward Motorcycles and Cabin Motorcycles

The Carver :- Jeremy Clarkson says

“This is the most fun you can have”,

As an owner I can’t disagree with that


For Carver and FF YouTube videos go to


Most images have links to a full size detailed JPEG file photographs if you click on the image.