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The Carver :- Jeremy Clarkson says

“This is the most fun you can have”,

As an owner I can’t disagree with that


For Carver and FF YouTube videos go to


Most images have links to a full size detailed JPEG file photographs if you click on the image.

And if this isn’t enough fun then see the 400 bhp 1300 cc Hyabusa bike engined Carver at Z-Cars in Hull

Now that Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS) exists I have stopped stocking spare parts and service kits, these are all now directly available from CCPS


Also my Mudguard bracket strengthening kit, to stop the rivets pulling through the fibreglass plus my “pass an MoT easily” handbrake modification kit are all now directly available from CCPS

Club Carver Parts & Service (CCPS) - Our Mission 


Run by Carver owners and enthusiasts, Club Carver has been setup with simply one objective - to provide the necessary facilities to allow owners to maximise their enjoyment of a very special machine - the Carver



To do this, we have brought together the two essential ingredients that can make this happen - consistent supply of parts and specialist technical services. With all the original Carver parts now re-located to the UK and comprehensive servicing facilities on hand for maintenance and repairs, CCPS can fulfil the needs of every Carver owner worldwide. To enquire about parts & servicing, contact CCPS at



Club Carver Parts and Service web site        


For all your Carver One Parts and Service needs CCPS can be contacted at :-


For Carver Owners Club membership, events etc

contact :-


Carver Owners Club web site